So, home from the midwife, again. My pressure is even higher, I'm not at 156/101, this monday I was 159/95. So the midwife actually called the delivery ward to hear what we should do, since I don't have headache or protein in my urine (and to do something, you basically require more than just one sympthom) but my pressure really wasn't good. So they said I should come in for another check tomorrow and bring morning-urine, since it's most concentrated in the morning, and if the pressure is still high by then I'll be sent to the delivery ward for a check-up. In one way it's good, this is what I've been longing for, but on the same time it's scary.. Just to know that something could be so wrong that they want to start it before the baby is ready for it..

Oh well, we'll know tomorrow, as long as I don't get headache or my head feels heavy, or get any pressure in my chest, I'm fine, otherwise I have to call the delivery ward. So we'll see what happens tomorrow. Take care out there! :)


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