Could today be 'the day'?

Breathe, breathe, breathe. That's how I handle the pain right now, haha. And my back feels like it's about to break into two pieces every time. I've been "clocking" for 2 hours now (since I woke up) and the contractions are coming with 3-5 minutes between and last about 40 seconds (my iPhone app has an average that says 42 seconds and 4:05 minutes). The paper says that you should go there when you've had regular contractions (check) that are coming between 3-5 minutes apart (check) and lasting for 45-60 seconds (almost check?) in at least a few hours, since first timers take longer time. But how long should you wait at home?

It started yesterday afternoon with "period-pains", not regular though (some was 5 minutes apart and some over 15, it even stopped for an hour when we went to the store), and bloodmixed 'discharges' (?) (that are now lightly pink instead). Could sleep without problem so it wasn't any horrible pains by then (woke up twice to go to the bathroom, and I still felt them then at least). Soon before 7 it started hurting more and I couldn't fall asleep gain, so I started "clocking" them. 

Well, can just say that the baby is taking it's time even if it's today or not, since I was supposed to call the delivery ward tomorrow if nothing had happen. But at least I'm grateful that it has started, I don't want them to start me up.

Well, we'll see what happens, I guess it'll at least be the hospital today, pretty soon I think (unless it randomly stops), but we'll see how long it takes before the baby is looking out aswell :)


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