My finnish guy has been here since friday, me like! So we've been watching lots of movies and mostly relaxed. This Sunday we went up at 5 (!) in the morning. Crazy? Yeah, maybe a little, but we were going out with dad to fish. So a bit after 5:30 we were in the car. About 40 minutes of cartrip and 10-15 minutes walk later, we were at the little lake. Totally calm, chilly and so cozy. But pretty death in the lake, they said that they had been releasing new fish into the water, but we hardly saw any fish and just got 2 up. Dad got one, and Antti got one, I didn't get a single one, unfair! I had one on the hook, but he jumped up over the surface and the hook got loose..

We were standing there for a couple of hours and we were home around 12 again. I got to drive home, all the way. It went good, although the road is pretty simple to drive when it was mostly a straight road in 100 km/h, all the way, haha.

Else this week is that I'll be doing the riskeducation 2 for my drivers license, the slip-test thingt, on Thursday. I heard a classmate say that "it's just a big game Sara, you'll be turning around and just play around", kind of. I don't want that to be honest. I don't see the whole thing about driving car as a game. I'm going to have a child that will be going in the car with me, basically right away after I got my driverslicense (Not right away, because I plan to get my license before June is over, but in September there'll be someone with me in the car..). I'm not interested about "really trying the slippery" by driving around with the pedal in the bottom and driving around as a crazy person out there. I don't see the fun in it, call be boring if you want to.

Right now I'm on my mathlesson, have a walk-through of everything that'll be on the national test in the C-course. She filled the whole whiteboard, and still  only on chapter 1. Something tells me this will be a long lesson. Now I'll give full focus on the walk-through anyway.

Take care!


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