Now I'm going to complain a bit here, I think I've deserved that.

I feel like a bomb that is about to explode, all the time! I panic over every single thing, no matter how small, and get all sad and mad over nothing. I can sit down and just cry because something is not working or because I think I'll fail something. It's pretty .. pathetic when you write it that way. But I'm just full of hormones that just explode every now and then.

I had my national test in math this friday, for example. This Thursday I got panic over that I would not make it and started to study as much as I could. I got to an assignment that our teacher haven't told us how to do (Our planning failed, apparently. Ours? The teacher's imo.. But oh well). I got to this assignment anyway, realized I didn't know how to do it since she didn't teacher us and started crying about it. Luckily, I had Antti here to comfort me and got me to realize one assignment isn't that important and made me move on to the next instead.

Or yesterday, I was doing multimedia and when I was uploading the website to the FTP the pictures weren't working. I got panic right away and didn't knew what was wrong. I started crying and just wanted to give up and go to bed. This time, Antti wasn't here, but he was on Skype with me to comfort me the best he could anyway.

Is it normal to be this full of hormones that you just "explode" over every tiny thing?

Oh well, now I've gotten to complain at least, so now I'm gonna go make myself a sandwich and then go to bed, it's pretty late after all, at least if you're pregnant :)



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