Celebrate my grandmother and her "live-in"

Yesterday we went all the way to Malmköping, we were going to take my grandmother and her "live-in" (My translater translated it that way, but it sounds awkward.. The guy she's living with, her .. boyfriend? Sounds even more awkward to say boyfriend about my grandmother's second half, but enough about that.) out to a restaurant since they both had their birthday not too long ago. So the entire family here went there, and we met both my grandmother, her "live-in", my two aunts aswell as their husbands there. We went to a place that was a bit older, called Plevnagården, it was really cozy and everything! We ate both appetizer and the main dish, they had to wait with the desert thought, because we had this little surprise that every family had been baking themselves instead, so we ate that out in the nature instead, haha!

It was really nice to see them all again anyway, they're living in Nyköping so we don't get to see them that often otherwise :)


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