Summervacation soon (:

I haven't been writing a lot now, I noticed. I haven't really felt I have anything to share at the moment, haha :)

This Monday I was at the mid-wife again, she checked the heartsounds again and they still sounded good, and then she measured my uterus to see that the baby is growing as it should, and we're right at the middleline of what is "normal", so I guess that's good aswel :)

And yesterday I was at school, had two reallyimportant lessons (or?), haha. Started with english where we were going to watch a funny comedyshow from England. But the teacher, who's a substitute teacher, isn't that technical, so he couldn't get it to start and when we helped him, he was missing speakers xD So he had to run and look for those, haha! So we only got to see 30 minutes of the show, haha. Oh well, can't be good all the time, can you? And then I left my dear computer to the technicians at the school :( They have to ghost it or blow the entire harddrive clean before we can get it back :( So I'm going to go down later today and get it, since they weren't done yesterday (even though they said they would be...)

So yeah, today I'm just going there to get the laptop, then start installing the operativsystem on it while I'm doing some cartheory at the normal computer I think :) It's so calm right now, actually. I have nothing more this week, next week I got ONE lesson, then graduating next friday. So nice to not have to do anything! So if I finish the installing on the laptop quickly I might drag it with me out in the sun and lie down and get some sun while doing the cartheory on the laptop instead :)

Oh well, I'm going to make myself ready now so I can go and get my computer :) Baibai!


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